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Woman in tech? Build your online brand in these 3 effortless ways!

If you are brilliant at what you do, why not showcase it to the world? Think about it. You could become a well-known face in your industry or within your network by building an impressive online brand for yourself. How will this help you? It will add credibility to your name, bring you recognition and will make it super easy for you to find new connections for growing your client base or when searching for a new job.

     For a woman in tech, it’s even more exciting to build a brand so you can inspire many others who wish to follow in your footsteps. You can become a mentor to someone or even get invited to speak at events, panel discussions or be a guest columnist in relevant media. The tips that we are sharing here are for women in tech, but they obviously apply to everyone!

 1) Create your online identity with a website 
  A website could be anything: 
           ● a blog where you write about your industry or your tech focused ideas 
           ● a landing page with your work portfolio, projects 
           ● a one-pager with your virtual CV
           ● a domain redirect to your LinkedIn / GitHub / Devpost profile 

When you have the website ready, use it everywhere. It literally can become your elevator pitch. The key to making this most impactful is choosing the name of the website wisely. The more memorable the website name, the more influence it will create.

  For example, if your name is Cheryl, you can choose domain names such as: 

 Choosing a domain extension that defines where you belong will not only make your website easy to remember but also brand you immediately. Whoever hears the website name will build a picture in their mind about you because your website name is more than just a name. It’s meaningful and gives out a message about you. This is a great tip for enhancing your personal brand. 

2) Brand every link you share with your name 

  Do you share links in email, on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc? Of course, you do! Did you know that you can brand each link with your identity?

 For example, you wish to share this article from Forbes on Twitter: 

You can shorten the URL on Google and make it look like this: 

Or you can use a custom branded link and make it look like this: 

How does it help you? Branded links build trust. In fact, branded links are known to increase click-through rates of links. This means that people will be more comfortable accessing content that you share with your branding on social media or elsewhere. To start using custom branded links, buy a domain name and use it through a custom branded links service such as Rebrandly.

 3) Get a branded email id 

Why use a generic email id when you can have Wouldn’t it be great if you have an email ID that is branded with your industry and your name? It makes a great first impression and will stick out amongst all the generic Gmail ids that one normally sees.

 It works great when you are reaching out to HRs or sending across your portfolio to a new client. A branded email id packages you as a seasoned professional! To get a branded email ID, you can buy a domain name and bundle it up with G-Suite to get started! 

That’s it! By investing in these three simple tactics to build your online brand, you will be able to create a long-lasting impression on anyone who interacts with you online. The sooner you start, the better it is for your long-term brand building. What are you waiting for?


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